Welcome to the Innovations/Lab

Companies face common pressures from all stakeholders to begin or speed up their digital transformation. However, they are transforming at differing rates and different results. Successful companies have done so by choosing the right partner which helps companies to take advantage of possibilities that new technologies provide. Our innovations lab operated by team of technology and domain experts work towards bringing in cutting edge technologies to mainstream adoption to solve critical business cases. At our Lab, organizations can run proof of concepts to assess the true benefit of implementing a solution before scaling out and determine the RoI that can justify such technologies.

We are your ideation platform to brainstorm your ideas, conceptualize business models, build minimum viable products and beta test it for roll out. Our Lab serves as an accelerated approach for a start-up or large enterprise to quickly move from idea to product.


We work to understand your business priorities, draw up product/solution ideas with key stakeholders, define success criteria and enlist all ideas.

Firm up

During this process, we help you evaluate the different ideas for the merits and demerits, ability to hold up in the market place. At the end of the exercise one idea is chosen to bring in the focus of the group and maximize the efforts.


This process starts with defining the feature set for the MVP and the subsequent iterations. It will have sprint based approach to develop the product/solution with a clearly defined roadmap for subsequent releases.


Our test bed provides necessary support to evaluate the MVP for functional, performance and user experience parameters. Once the product passes test at internal team and selected external audience level, it will be declared fit for launch.


During this phase, we work with you to ensure the product/solution meets all the necessary requirements for roll-out. This will include security, scalability and performance to the desired standards. We will work with you to collect all the necessary feedback which will flow to the subsequent iterations.

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